Fodrak's Football Season Prize Winners

Jim Lappas welcoming customers on a warmer day than this one.
Jim Lappas welcoming customers on a warmer day than this one.

     The Chicago Bears didn’t have enough wins this season to make their fans happy. Fodrak’s Gyros and Ribs of Libertyville did a lot better. The restaurant ran a weekly drawing during the regular football season for one of their popular Gyros Sandwiches. Every four weeks the sandwich winners went into a pool for a chance to win a Chicago Bears Jersey.

     The jersey winners for the season were: Justin Adams, Bruce Freier, Sam Greenberg, Tom Hiller and Kenneth Rades.

     The gyros winners were: Justin Adams, Carol Bercos, David Chin, Carol Ann Colvin, Bruce Freier, Sam Greenburg, Tom Hiller, Karen Look, Don Looyer, Ryan Mertz, Steve Pantos, Judy Pierce, Jeffrey Quimby, Kenneth Rades, Lori Maczko Reily, Kenneth Scovill, Amy Sellers and Cathy Ward.

     Owner Jim Lappas has been welcoming customers and helping them eat well for over 26 years.  Fodrak’s Gyros and Ribs is located at 327 South Milwaukee Avenue, Libertyville, phone 847-816-8111, www.fodraks.com.  



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