Centre Club Offers Free Programs for Cancer Patients

Advocate Condell Medical Center's Centre Club is offering free cancer exercise program to help patients cope with the effects of treatment with the hope of positively influencing their recovery.

With myriad prevention and treatment options regarding cancer, Advocate Condell Centre Club Cancer Exercise Specialist Carol Dieball says people shouldn’t forget or underestimate the benefits of physical activity for cancer patients.

“Staying physically active can have positive effects on mood, self-confidence, muscle tone, and cardiovascular endurance,” Dieball said. “It can also help fight against depression.”

Recognizing the strategic advantage of exercise for cancer patients, The Advocate Condell Libertyville Centre Club offers a free exercise program. Dieball oversees the effort.

Dieball says American Cancer Society research has shown that exercise is not only safe during cancer treatment, but can also improve overall quality of life. Resting too much may result in a loss of function, strength, and range of motion in a person with a chronic illness. Cancer exercise specialists encourage their patients to be as physically active as possible during treatment. It’s a way to counteract the negative effects of inactivity in chronic illness.

The positive effects of exercise for cancer patients are many. Dieball says regular and strategic physical activity can increase energy levels, reduce nausea and fatigue, lower pain levels, increase muscle strength and improve balance and coordination.

In addition to physical benefits, Dieball says exercise can help the mental and emotional state of those with cancer.

“A structured exercise program can give you a sense of control over your situation,” Dieball said. “It can improve your attitude, reduce stress and give you the self-confidence that will help you persevere through your journey.”

The goal of the cancer exercise program at Advocate Condell is designed to help patients cope with the effects of treatment with the hope of positively influencing their recovery. The program includes an initial assessment of posture and range of motion along with a gradual cardiovascular warm-up, gentle stretching and light strength training.

For more details about the program, call 847-990-5743.

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