Nasty Aliens - Weeds, Invasives, and Exotics

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 1170 N Midlothian Rd Mundelein IL 60060  See map

There are aliens, thugs, and bad guys out there trying to overrun us, but you won’t find their pictures at the Post Office because they’re plants!

Extremely invasive plant species, like buckthorn, garlic mustard, and Norway maple, are taking over our beautiful yards, countryside and roadsides. These plants are:

  • crowding out the desirable native plants,
  • driving away the birds and butterflies that depend on the natives, and
  • reducing biodiversity by creating monocultures of undesirable plants.

If you want to recognize and control these nasty aliens, then join the Lake-to-Prairie Chapter of Wild Ones for a program designed especially for residents targeting "Invasive Plant Species."

The program will highlight twelve alien species that are over-running natural areas and impacting our community landscapes. It will also provide:

  • Photographs of invasive plants typically found in residential yards,
  • Guidelines for identifying, controlling and removing them,
  • Recommendations for friendly native species you can use to replace them that will enhance your landscape, and
  • Handouts you can take home that capsulize all the key information that will be presented.

Our presenters are members of the Citizens for Conservation's Community Education Committee, as well as on the board of CFC. Meredith Tucker has a degree from Roosevelt University with a major in Environmental Management. Peggy Simonsen was a consultant before retiring, but now helps restore natural areas.


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