How Moms Can Use Pinterest to Simplify Their Lives

Discovering and sharing tips and ideas online help Moms de-clutter, learn and be social.

Moms are jumping onto the Pinterest bandwagon in droves.  It’s on one of the fastest growing sites and with millions of users a month, it’s the hot place for Moms to hang out online. According to MarketingBit.com, almost 70 percent of Pinterest users are females and 50 percent are Moms. What’s the attraction? It’s fun. But, I think what keeps them coming back is the value the site offers to help Moms simplify and improve their lives.

What is Pinterest? 

t’s a social sharing site that functions as a virtual “pinboard”. When you see a great blog post, recipe, article, or photo online, you can “Pin It” to a board that you create to help you organize your interests and find it easier later.  A pin is basically a visual reminder and a link back to the site it came from so you can find it again. You can create as many Boards as you like to organize your pins.

For example, I love to read food magazines. While I read, I pull recipes out that I’m dying to try or want to hang on to for the day I get motivated to really cook up something special. However, since I read three of these magazines a month I tend to accumulate piles of recipes that sit on my kitchen counter. Every now and then I get motivated to sort them and put them into file folders organized by theme – dessert, beef, side dishes, etc. With Pinterest, I can eliminate all of the paper clutter. If I see a recipe I like online, I pin it to a food board I’ve created and now I have no mess on my counter, I can send it to friends, and I can easily find it when I finally get around to cooking. I love this!

Share Your Cool Finds

It is also a social sharing site so you can forward your pins to other Pinterest users or find great ideas by following people who share your interests. If you have an interest, there is bound to be a pin on Pinterest that you can search for and find. It's so easy to shoot your sister that great pork tenderloin recipe you tried last night or the toy you think your son is dying to have for his birthday.

Enjoy the Eye Candy

Pinterest is fun because it's visual. It's engaging and easy to use. It has become my new addictive hobby because I’m discovering cool, new things online that interest me like recipes, trip ideas, crafts, entertaining tips, and even business advice. Despite the fact that it pulls women in like a video game calls to a child, I think it can help Moms get their lives in order.

To see more on how Pinterest can help you simplify, read Six Ways Pinterest Can Improve a Mom’s Life.

If you want to check out my Pinterest boards and share ideas, I’d love to connect. I pin about personal interests here and about family fun and kids’ party ideas here. If you need an invitation to join Pinterest, shoot me an email by clicking on my name at the top of the post. 

Do you use Pinterest? How do you use Pinterest?

hillarymiller April 12, 2012 at 11:27 AM
Hi Sue, Thanks for the tips. As a mom, I totally agree, and I think Pinterest is like 'our heaven' where we can see so many wonderful stuffs around. I have checked on your boards, A Laugh for the Day and Coolest Christmas theme are my favorite :) Btw, have you also checked <a>http://www.pinfaves.com</a> ? It's also nice website for moms (who are Pinterest users). Perhaps you want to check it out. There's a weekly giveaway for the most voted pinterest submission as well. Thanks,
Jessica Martinez April 13, 2012 at 07:26 PM
I love Pinterest. It is the most fun I have wasting time online :) I also love the fact that it is visual and it grabs me and takes me to places I have never heard of, or introduces me to ideas that I would not have thought of. It has been a wonderful experience for me and it is rooted in a positive attitude. I have never seen anything that has been "bad" or "nasty" in the sense that it is violent or cruel. I have seen love, hope and a renewal of positive energy. I hope and pray that it stays this way forever. Thanks for your post and have a great weekend.


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