Informing the Community About the Brainerd Community Center Through Videos

The Brainerd Community Center has created the BrainerdLibertyville YouTube channel to host a series of videos showing the building and discussing why saving the building is a responsible decision.

The first three out of 12 videos are posted on the BrainerdLibertyville YouTube channel exploring the past and future of the building as a community center.

Ike Reilly narrates the first video, introducing the concept of the community center. The second video is narrated by Jim Moran and showcases the history of the building. The third installment is narrated by architect Mike Kollman who explains why saving the building and repurposing it is a responsible idea with benefits for the community.

Future segments will host leaders and performers from Libertyville's performing arts community, including Wishing Star Theater, the Red Rose Children's Choir, Libertyville Town Productions, and more.

Subscribe to the channel to be notified as new videos are posted. The videos, collectively titled "Bricks and Mortar, Heart and Soul," were produced by McLaren Photographic Productions to raise awareness and educate residents about the effort to save the Brainerd Building and create a community center for the performing arts. For more information visit SaveBrainerd.org.


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