Tree Limb Falls, Punches Hole in Library Roof

Roofers have already patched the hole, located on the northeast corner of the Cook Park Library.

If you're grateful for the rain today, you might want to thank the .

A tree limb fell today and punched a small hole into the roof on the northeast corner of the Cook Park Library, said Director Stephen Kershner.

"We're going to claim some of the credit for getting it to rain in Libertyville," said Kershner.

The incident occurred around midday today, July 13, he said, and roofers and tree removal workers were immediately called to the scene. Roofers have already put a temporary patch on the hole, Kershner said, and no water entered the building.

He said the limb, which measured about 3 to 4 inches in diameter, fell from a Locust tree. The big limb was still attached to the tree, Kershner said. He thinks the dryness and the heat contributed to the limb falling.


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