Who is Libertyville's Person of the Year?

TIME magazine just named its 2013 person of the year. Tell us who you think should be recognized from Libertyville.

Who is Libertyville's Person of the Year?
Who is Libertyville's Person of the Year?
On Dec. 11, TIME Magazine announced Pope Francis as its 2013 Person of the Year, but who is Libertyville's Person of the Year?

Patch seeks to highlight those whose efforts have bettered the Libertyville community over the past year. It may be an individual, a nonprofit organization, volunteer group or business. Perhaps you want to honor someone posthumously.

Tell us your pick in the comment section below. 
Be sure to include why you think they should be recognized.

Editor's Note: This is not an official Patch competition with judging for a "winner." Readers are invited to share in the comments who they feel influenced or made a difference in their community this year.
Dr. Mark Solomon December 16, 2013 at 10:33 PM
December marked the 25th anniversary of The Centre Club at Condell. There are 4 women (Linda Kraemer, Maggie Gonring, Rhoni Ross-Bast and Martha Cournoyer) who have provided superlative group instruction in a variety of classes (e.g., yoga, muscle-works, spin, ski-preparation, step and Bike/Buff/Balance, etc.) over the course of all 25 of those years. Through instruction and example, I cannot fathom how many people they have helped to have better lives. I view this foursome as Libertyville Persons of the Year.
janet December 17, 2013 at 11:30 PM
I would nominate someone truly worthy....how about the teacher that worked with NASA this year...Mark Buesing. Not only did he put Libertyville on the map...he brought legit science to his high school. His level of enthusiasm in a public school sector is truly admirable. And from all accounts...he's a great person!
Korrina Grom (Editor) December 19, 2013 at 12:33 PM
Hi everyone! Let's try to keep the comments positive, especially since this ("Person of the Year") is supposed to be a good thing! And just a gentle reminder: violating our terms of service can result in a user being banned. Have a great day!


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