Cuneo Mansion Hosts 'Chicago Bride' Photo Shoot

The three-day shoot started Monday.

The Cuneo Mansion, with its lush gardens and exquisitely appointed rooms, played host to a photo shoot this week for Chicago Bride magazine.

The shoot not only showcased the Cuneo Museum, but also gave Lake County businesses — from caterers to a jewelry store — the opportunity to show off what they, too, can do.

Randi Moxi of Lake County-based Moxi Presents, a member of the GLMV Chamber, served as the photo shoot coordinator. She coordinated the chamber's winter gala at the Cuneo and in scouting a location for the Chicago Bride shoot, Moxi “wanted to show that you can do the high-end fashion thing here” in Lake County.

"It's a nice little escape," Moxi said of the Cuneo, built in 1914 and purchased by John Cuneo Sr. in 1937.

Cathy Demetropoulos, editor of Chicago Bride, couldn't be happier with the location.

"It is dynamic," she said of the Cuneo, which has advertised in Chicago Bride for a long time. Demetropoulos said she was "very, very excited" that the Cuneo was selected as the location for the photo shoot.

During the three-day shoot, which started June 18, models in beautiful gowns were photographed throughout the mansion, including by a piano, in the study and in front of a wall of mirrors. Models wore veils from The Studio on Center of Grayslake and jewelry from of Libertyville, Moxi said.

The photos, Demetropoulos said, are "amazing — just beyond my expectations." She added that choosing the photos that will be featured in the fall edition of the quarterly magazine is "going to be a very long, difficult process."

One of the photos could even appear on the magazine's cover, Demetropoulos said. In selecting a cover photo, Demetropoulos said she'll be looking for a photo that shows the entire wedding gown in a good light with an eye-catching background.

Moxi added that the models will get to keep photos for their portfolio. The Cuneo Mansion and will each get copies of photos to use for their own promotional purposes.

"We want everybody to get something out of it," said Moxi.


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