Jay Lovell: We're Here Til 'My Key No Longer Fits in the Door'

The building that houses the restaurant is for sale, and until it sells it's business as usual at the restaurant.

Jay Lovell took to Facebook Friday to set the record straight about the fate of his family's Lake Forest restaurant.

Although the mansion it occupies is for sale, Lovell said the restaurant has no plans to close any time soon. 

"Until my key no longer fits in the door of this Building / Restaurant which could be 5 years from now, I am not Closing Lovells of Lake Forest any time soon!!!" he wrote.

You can read his full post above.

The couple have owned it since they bought it from Jay's dad, astronaut Capt. James Lovell eight years ago. The family has owned the 17,000-square-foot building since 1999, the article states.

The Lovells are still moving ahead with plans to open a smaller, more casual eatery in Highwood in April.

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