Jewel Repeals Mandatory Cart-to-Car Service

Patch readers had a lot to say last month when asked what they thought of a new store policy in which baggers were obliged to follow customers and their carts out to their vehicles whether they wanted help or not.

If you've avoided shopping at Jewel-Osco for fear of being awkwardly trailed to your car by an employee, you're not alone, but there is good news.

The once mandatory policy created by Jewel's new owners, Cerberus Capital Management LP, has been repealed.

A statement on the store's website says the cart-to-car service will still be offered to customers, but it will no longer be forced upon them.

Parts of our customer service philosophy are things that every grocery store should do, like ensuring the stores are clean, the shelves are well stocked, and asking if you need help finding an item. Now, we’ve expanded our service to include taking your groceries out to your car.

And, if you don’t want or need help, that’s fine too. Many customers like to checkout videos after they shop or find themselves talking to friends in the parking lot. Even if you decide not to use the service, we’re happy to return the cart to the store.

Last month, Patch readers weighed in on the once mandatory store policy. Here are some of those comments:

A swift turnaround to the person following you, looking them in the eye and sharply telling them to go back into the store would certainly put an end to the following. Pass.

As long as they make it a choice for the customer, rather than mandatory, then I have no problem with it. It slows me down, so I would never choose to use it - if given the choice.

I refuse to shop at Sunset because of this very "service." I find it creepy and intrusive. You want me to shop at your store? Don't greet me at the door, don't ask me every three feet what you can do for me and don't touch my stuff. Leave me alone, but make employees visible in case I want to ask for help.

I don't think I would mind either way. The bagger has already seen everything you bought, it's not like they are spying on you.

I wouldn't allow my kids to work here and have to follow strangers out to their cars, in the dark. This is too dangerous!!!! You can't force a service on people......they'll go to Walmart!!!

This is how its done in all the Southern state grocery chains. It's a form of courtesy.

No Means No: Is Jewel-Osco's Mandatory Cart-to-Car Service Too Much?


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