Love French Fries? July 13 is National French Fry Day!

Do you plan to enjoy some fries on Friday?

Friday the 13th is allegedly an unlucky day, but if you love French fries, July 13 is your lucky day.

July 13 is National French Fry Day!

According to Tom & Eddie's, "the average American eats about 29 pounds of fries annually, an impressive statistic that proves their popularity."

Tom & Eddie's, which is , provided this historical insight in a : "French fries did not originate in France as the name implies but in Belgium during the 1600′s. The term 'French fries' was coined in World War I by American soldiers who were introduced to them in Belgium. They should be called 'Belgium fries,' right? They were so named because Belgians speak French."

People definitely seem to love their French fries. During in March, our local sites received about 50 comments from readers to share who they think has the best French fries in northern Lake County. The winner was in Libertyville, followed by Scooter's in Lake Bluff and Sammie's in Grayslake.

Do you plan to enjoy some French fries on July 13? Where will you get them from?


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