Rolland's Jewelers has Sparkling New Location in Libertyville

"We're thrilled to be here in Libertyville," said Manager Anne Marie Marker.

Rolland's Jewelers is located at 500 N. Milwaukee Ave. in Libertyville. Photo credit: Korrina Grom
Rolland's Jewelers is located at 500 N. Milwaukee Ave. in Libertyville. Photo credit: Korrina Grom
Working for a jewelry store can be an emotional experience.

Just ask Anne Marie Marker, the manager at Rolland's Jewelers in downtown Libertyville.

"For me, it's the old couple that comes in for their 60th anniversary gift or their 40th, and they're still holding hands and kissing," said Marker. "Or the young couple getting engaged. When someone picks out a piece of jewelry for their future wife, you feel part of their life. It's so special."

"To see the giddiness in a guy buying an engagement ring—I see that as fun. I get teary-eyed," said Marker.

Marker has worked with Rolland's since 1999. The store is a family-owned establishment that has been in business since 1934. Previously located inside Westfield Hawthorn Mall, Rolland's moved to a location on the west side of Milwaukee Avenue in downtown Libertyville in April 2011. 

The store is now located in a prominent spot at the corner of Milwaukee and Cook Avenues. 

"We had such a loyal clientele, a loyal following," Marker said of the store's previous Hawthorn Mall location. 

That clientele has followed Rolland's to downtown Libertyville, Marker said. 

She said the other local business owners, along with the shoppers, have all been very welcoming. Marker loves the eclectic mix of businesses in Libertyville that make it a "cool town for people to walk around."

While Rolland's Jewelers is "more of a destination," Marker hopes customers take the time to walk around downtown Libertyville and check out the other shops. Rolland's even keeps a binder of information about Libertyville so clients know what's going on in town and can check out menus for local restaurants.

"We're thrilled to be here in Libertyville," she said. The store participates in community events, including Let's Wine About Winter

"The first year we did it, we had a line out the door," said Marker. "We had no conception of how crazy it would be. We're doing that again this year."

Customer Service is Key

Once customers are in the shop, the focus is on looking out for those customers' best interests. 

"We are not pushy salespeople," said Marker. "We always look for the customers' needs and wants and try to fulfill those. There is no pressure on our customers."

Marker said the store owners even installed a coffee bar area in an effort to make customers feel comfortable during their shopping experience.

"And our staff is very knowledgeable," said Marker. They know all about the big jewelry trends, including Michael Kors watches, Hearts on Fire diamonds, Pandora charms and John Hardy dragon head bracelets. 

Rolland's will also buy gold and perform watch repairs, she said.

"We want people to be happy."


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