Wedding Walk Attracts Brides From Chicagoland Area

Libertyville’s Wedding Walk exhibited the town’s bridal offerings.

Libertyville’s third annual Wedding Walk welcomed soon-to-be brides from the Chicagoland area on Saturday. Brides experienced a one-stop wedding planning event where they could browse offerings from 20 participating stores, 15 of which were located right in downtown Libertyville.

“It’s been interesting to hear what’s out there,” said bride-to-be Kendal Dean. “There are so many things you need, from invitations, to alterations, to flowers. It’s nice to know there are stores right here that offer everything.”

Dean participated in the event with her mother Cindy Dean and her twin sister Deana who is also engaged.

“We’re from Libertyville,” Deana said. “So it’s nice that our town has these services. It’s nice to stay local.”

Cindy, who admits it’s been hectic having twin daughters planning weddings at the same time, said that she also likes the idea of patronizing local establishments.

“We take the town for granted,” Cindy said. “It’s too easy to run to the mall, but my hometown has everything and more. It’s been really fun doing this with my girls.”

Attendees received a map of downtown indicating the locations of participating store. The services included cakes, invitations, photography, gowns, flowers, catering, bridal makeovers, wedding party gifts, registry items, DJ services, and venue locations.

Someone’s in the Kitchen displayed their popular and recommended wedding registry items, which includes high-end knives, cookware, utensil lines and infusion pitchers.

“You can go to Macy’s and register for things, but you’re going to find things here that you’ll never find anywhere else,” said Sulzener.

Jill Unger, a Chicago resident whose soon to be mother-in-law resides in Vernon Hills, is just getting started with her wedding plans.

“I’m in the process of planning my wedding in August,” Unger said. “I’m looking for creative things to make my day special. It’s been great and very informative. People are very helpful and knowledgeable.”

Christine Anne Couture owner Christine Hirsch believes that these events in Libertyville make the downtown unique and successful.

“We all work together on these events,” Hirsch said. “The more we do that, the more business we get downtown.”

Hirsch, who specializes in custom made special occasion dresses, says that when a client chooses downtown establishments for their events, the store owners are able to work with each other to coordinate appointment times and other details to make it easier for the customer.


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