District 70 Releases Statement Regarding Rockland Road Crash

The crash occurred outside of Rockland School Thursday morning. A 69-year-old Libertyville man was pronounced dead following the accident.

Dear District 70 Families,

I share with you an incident that occurred today outside of Rockland School. At approximately 10:30 a.m., Thursday morning, an automobile heading west on Rockland Road left the street, causing significant damage to signs, fencing and trees along the walkway. The automobile came to rest on the southeast end of the school playground. I am tremendously grateful that no children, staff or parents were injured as a result of this accident. Rockland Road was closed for a portion of the day while a police investigation was immediately underway.
Students were kept inside for the remainder of the day and Principal Knapp visited classrooms assuring and comforting those alarmed by the serious nature of the event.

School staff and administration throughout the district are to be commended for their immediate response and support of our students, colleagues and friends at Rockland School.

At this holiday season, a time of drawing families and friends nearer to our homes and hearts, we are grateful that our children, parents and staff were not injured in this unfortunate scene and extend thoughts and sympathy with the family of the driver during this time.

Guy Schumacher
Superintendent of Schools.

—Libertyville District 70 provided this statement.

Editor's note: We have swapped out the previous statement for the one included on the district website.


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