State Finds 14 Violations at Winchester House

State agency reports numerous problems but management downplays investigation, the Lake County News-Sun reports.


The Illinois Department of Health and Human Services conducted an inspection at Winchester House, located at 1125 N. Milwaukee Ave., recently and found numerous problems, including inappropriate behavior by a resident, the News-Sun reports.

Winchester House was owned by the county but was privatized in December and the current management told the newspaper that the problems listed in the report are not uncommon.

QT Pie November 15, 2012 at 03:31 AM
Winchester House management says "the problems ... are not uncommon?" Well 14 violations is double the average in Illinois. They had 9 in 2011; 5 in 2010. Looks like a steady decline to me. Our elders deserve better. Quality and performance works from the administrator and Director of Nursing on down. Back in the days when it was fully staffed and run by the county, Winchester was a jewel. Often had 0-2 deficiencies; quite an accomplishment. Let's get that back.
Bill Overton November 15, 2012 at 03:39 AM
This is outrageous, pathetic and tragic for the residents of Winchester House. In addition to the poor developmentally disabled man who was allowed to run amok, check out this list of violations: call-light buttons placed out of reach of patients; problems with gastric feeding tubes; falls from beds and wheelchairs and lack of evaluation to prevent recurring falls; problems related to transferring patients using mechanical lifts; improper maintenance of respiratory equipment; insufficient 24-hour nursing staff; failure, on one unit, to distribute and store food in a sanitary manner; improper handling of medications and failure to maintain sanitary medication rooms; failure to follow infection control standards including hand washing and changing gloves; failure to provide adequate in-service training for certified nurse assistants; failure to make complaint investigations readily available to patients and their families; and lack of documentation for patients on anti-psychotic medications (many older patients are wrongly prescribed such medication for non-psychotic behavior, inspectors noted). AND, they dismiss it by saying, "It was...minor things" and , "It's not unusual", as if to say, "Well, they're just old, sick people. Who cares?" It's sick that things are allowed to get this bad. Shame on you, Winchester House.


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