"Mob Wives of Libertyville"

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“Mob Wives of Libertyville                                                                                                         Libertyville’s 2nd “Cash Mob” is a girls night, celebrating two Libertyville’s Female-owned Businesses                

On Tuesday, October 16th Libertyville experience its 2nd cash mob; this time it is in celebration of the women-owned businesses in our community. A “Cash Mob” is the same idea as the more commonly heard of “flash mob” but no dancing is required!  In a cash mob, participants are encouraged to visit and spend approximately $20 at the local businesses that host the mob to show support for the local economy and to enhance the sense of community.

“Cash mobbers” will be visiting two female-owned businesses in downtown Libertyville. Participants will first take in the creative designs at How Impressive!, owned by resident Kristine Knutson followed by food, drinks and conversation at the restaurant Casa Bonita owned by Alicia Patterson, also a Libertyville resident.

“This is a great program that the Co-op sponsors,” said Patterson, “We have participated in the Passport for years and I am happy to be recognized as a strong community member.  I hope we get a great turnout that night.”

The cash mob titled “Mob Wives of Libertyville” is coordinated by the Libertyville Cooperative Nursery School. Though the school reaps no monetary gain from the event, as a two time coordinator, they feel that these types of occasions tie nicely in with one of their main philosophies of developing a sense of community and cooperation in young people. “This promotion of our Libertyville economy is needed,” said Arian Adams-Colton, President of the Libertyville Co-op. “We are a community of strong women and businesses.  I grew up in Libertyville and it is disheartening when I look around and see so many of our businesses going under.  Our Passport to Libertyville and “Cash Mobs” are one of the ways we can help support Libertyville, keep our community tight, and, for this event, celebrate the woman who keep Libertyville strong”.

check out www.libertyvillecashmob.com for more info


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