Tell Us: What’s the Goal You Are Working on Right Now?

Big or small, we want to know what goals Libertyville residents are working towards and how they plan to achieve them. Sponsored by Grape Nuts.

About this sponsorship: Patch has teamed up with Grape Nuts cereal on this "What’s Your Mountain” campaign to find inspirational stories in our towns and celebrate folks who have affected positive change in their lives and communities.

A life without goals is like a journey without a destination.

In May 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary aimed high: the top of Mount Everest, Earth’s tallest mountain. Then he famously became one of the first climbers to reach the summit. To commemorate the 60th anniversary of Hillary’s epic goal achievement, Patch has partnered with Grape-Nuts’ “What’s Your Mountain” campaign, inspiring today’s adventurers to strive to reach their own goals.

Setting a goal is the first step towards achieving your ideal future. Want to look great at your high school reunion next fall? Maybe your goal is to start a three-day-a-week exercise regimen, or to get back to your high school dress size. 

Whatever your big-picture vision, experts agree that having a clearly-defined goal is necessary for lasting change: A goal gives you something to work for, and something to celebrate. 

So whether you are trying to get fit, vowing to read more or maybe spending less, we want to know about it! What summits are you trying to reach? 

Share your goals in the comments section below or upload a photo that shows us how you are getting there. 


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