Dreams Do Come True

The afternoon of Sept. 13 was a surreal one as I had my picture taken with my idol, Billy Corgan—and enjoyed a performance at his new Highland Park tea house.

"The impossible is possible tonight."

That's exactly what I was thinking Thursday as I sat mere feet from my idol, .

My colleague and friend, Angela Sykora, and I decided we'd take our computers and work from Madame Zuzu's in the off chance that Billy would be there. It's one of my dreams, of course, to sit down with him, have a cup of coffee (or tea), and chat.

So we got our tea, set up our computers and went to work. That's one of the many things I love about working for Patch—that we can work from anywhere.

I just happened to glance up and there he was—the Smashing Pumpkins frontman, just casually talking to customers and friends. I stayed as calm as possible, trying to focus on my work and not the rock god that was standing 5 feet away from me.

I watched as fans went up to have pictures taken with Billy and realized that if I didn't do the same, I'd regret it forever. I think the picture turned out pretty great!

Just when I thought life couldn't possibly get any better than that, I heard Billy tell someone that he'd be performing soon. I waited, of course, only to be just a few feet away as he performed six songs, including some of my favorites: "By Starlight," "Inkless" and "Muzzle."

I've been a Smashing Pumpkins fan since 1996 and have seen them in concert many times. I've even met Billy Corgan a couple of times and got his autograph.

This, though, was different. It was like having my own private concert. I kept thinking, "Is this really happening?" It was a truly surreal and incredible experience.

But that's what it's like when dreams come true.

P.S. The tea was great!

Tell me — when was the last time you had a dream-come-true moment? Share your story in the comment section.

Angela Sykora September 14, 2012 at 02:26 PM
An exciting day at the Patch mobile "office" indeed! And the tea was delish. Highly recommended!


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