Lovin' Libertyville: Susy Grayson

Susy Grayson says she experienced Libertyville's sense of community first hand when her husband passed away.

I grew up in the area, but have lived in Libertyville since 1989. I love Libertyville and will boast about our town to anyone who will listen!

A few years ago I experienced the Libertyville “community” first-hand because of my own life experience.

My husband of 14 years, Rich Grayson, died on January 14, 2009, leaving behind myself and our two children. Jenna, age 9 and James, age 7. He had been diagnosed with brain cancer 17 months prior to his death.

Through everything we felt very blessed to live in this community! We had a tremendous amount of support from neighbors, friends, family, our school, , and our church, the .

We could not have survived as well as we did without the hospice and help from our community. There could never be enough words to say thank you to those who helped us whether or not we knew them before or after Rich’s diagnosis or have never met them to date. 

Rockland Elementary School’s principal, teachers, social worker, and staff were there for Jenna and James daily. They still continue to help me as we go through this transition while finding a new “normal”.

This transition continues daily and I still feel support and love from the community. 

Written by Susy Grayson for the .


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