Gentle Jackie Seeking a New Home

Looking for a new pet?

Jackie is available for adoption at Save-A-Pet. Photo credit: Save-A-Pet
Jackie is available for adoption at Save-A-Pet. Photo credit: Save-A-Pet
Pretty perfect with kids of all ages and cats, I’m an easy-going and gentle girl.

Sometimes, though, too much commotion is not always a good thing. While I enjoy privacy for bathroom times, a covered litter box just doesn’t do it for most of us. You feel cornered in one of these and well, smells kind of get amplified for our sensitive noses. Come on people, put yourself into our paws.

My favorite spot to take naps were on top of the cat tree that my family had. This was the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of kids crawling around and being able to relax undisturbed. I also lived with other cats and did great with them. I’m often the first one to try to climb into your lap and of course I never say no to a gentle ear scratch or full body petting. I also tested positive for feline leukemia so I'm sharing a room with my friend Nebula. PS: I’m front paw declawed.

She is about 5 years old, spayed, up-to-date on routine shots (incl. rabies), tested negative for FIV and microchipped. New Year’s Resolution: adopting a pet…we make it easy, just come and meet these Save-A-Pet residents and all their friends at our adoption center or look them up at www.saveapetil.org.

—Submitted by Save-A-Pet.


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