Lake County Sheriff's Office Now on Facebook

"Like" the site and get updates on road closures and significant police activity, and help solve crimes.

On Jan. 11, 2013 the Lake County Sheriff’s Office went live on Facebook.

Social Media has become a colossal resource for law enforcement across the nation. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office is committed to providing efficient and up to date information to the residents of Lake County, and social media is one way to do it. Many social media sites are extremely user-friendly, allowing various generations to use them. 

The other forms of communication the Sheriff’s Office currently utilizes include Twitter and the government website, which will be revamped within the next few months.

We intend to use social media to notify the community of road closures, significant police activity, and assistance in solving crimes. 

Today we uploaded a Criminal Investigation Division photo album asking for tips identifying subjects of interest for several burglaries in Lake County. 

Like the Lake County IL Sheriff’s Office.

“Effective 21st Century policing mandates that we have as much contact with the community as possible. Facebook is a form of social media that will help us accomplish our goals of being the most accessible agency that we can be,” said Sheriff Mark Curran.

—The Lake County Sheriff's Office provided this information.


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