4-Way Stop at York and Osterman Gets Further Look

Village Board wants more study before installing additional stop signs. Board appoints and reappoints commissioners.

 took a step back from making the corner of Osterman and Robert York Avenues a four-way stop Monday at its regularly scheduled meeting sending the proposal to the  for further study. 

After narrowly , the Trustees unanimously decided further consideration by the Safety Commission would be a good idea. 

“It’s always a good idea to have as many eyes as possible take a look,”  said. “We don’t want a situation that will give a pedestrian a false sense of security.” 

Rosenthal suggested the Safety Commission take a closer look Nov. 7 and asked the Board to take that action. It was rejected 4-2. 

Between the meetings, Trustee Thomas Jester provided his colleagues with pictures of cautionary signs from other communities that he felt could provide adequate safety if the intersection remained a two-way stop allowing Osterman traffic to move across Robert York. 

During the Nov. 7 meeting a representative from Gewalt Hamilton, a consulting firm specializing in traffic research, recommended there was insufficient activity to warrant the signs. Meanwhile, Trustee Alan Farkas, who was out of town for the Nov. 7 meeting, became another voice favoring further deliberations.

“Are we going to send this back to the Safety Commission,” Farkas asked his colleagues? “It concerns me we are acting without further consideration,” he added echoing Rosenthal’s view.

One citizen, Alan Chandler who lives near Osterman and Robert York, asked the Board to return the four-way stop to the intersection. During summer construction on Deerfield Road it was a four-way stop.

“When it was a four-way stop the traffic moved smoothly,” Chandler said. “Safety for us is a factor for the kids after school and the seniors. It really helped to make it safer,” he added referring to the conditions over the summer.

Commissioners Appointed

In other action, the Village Board made appointments or reappointments to a number of commissions, boards and councils. Judy Geuder, Angie Butera and Barry Gray were appointed to the Family Days Commission while Judy Nelson was reappointed.

Adam Simon will serve on the Cable and Telecommunications Commission while John Chaput, Gregory Lapin and Kenneth Urbaszewski were asked to continue. Laurie Liebowitz will be new to the Sustainability Commission and both Amy Parker and Glenn Schwartz continue.

Beth Chaitman, Robert Milani and Howard Shachter were reappointed to the Appearance Review Commission while Ted Galvani and Berton Ring will do the same on the Board of Building Appeals.

Paul Blakey continues on the Board of Police Commissioners as Leonard Adams does the same on the Board of Zoning Appeals. Reappointed to the Community Relations Commission were Eric Hogberg, Neil Samuels and Lawrence Tracey.

Returning Electrical Commissioners are James Brown and Ted Galvani while Barbara Weisskopf stays with the Fine Arts Commission. Continuing on the Manpower Commission are Jean Reuther and Susie Wexler.

Returning to the Plan Commission is Larry Berg while Kenneth Urbaszewski does the same with the Police Pension Board. Staying with the Safety Council are Larry Smith and Phillip York. Alan Garfield, Oscar Adler, Garo Emerzian and Janice Shaw rejoined the Village Center Development Commission.

Mara Meyer November 24, 2011 at 10:05 PM
This would be a traffic nightmare. This last summer was dangerous at the crossings and with truck vendors delivering to companies.
Ed Collins November 25, 2011 at 03:08 AM
We urge the Village Board to retain the current two-way stops on Robert York, and leave Osterman a thru-way to expedite traffic along this heavily-traveled street. We are particularly concerned about avoiding potential back-ups onto the Metra rail tracks. This dangerous situation nearly happened to us this summer when the four-way stop signs were placed at this intersection and traffic occasionally backed up from Robert York to the tracks. -- Ed & Dorothy Collins
Joe Gerber November 25, 2011 at 11:56 PM
I understand the other arguments made by the other commentators, but I urge the Village to make this intersections a 4-way stop. I am a high school student and traveled through that intersection all through middle school. There were countless situations where I felt I was in danger because of other driver's unsafe driving. Yes, the train tracks can add danger, but I think it is completely common sense to know if you can't fully go over the tracks, you wait behind the line--you never stop on the tracks. And with many students crossing there to go to Shepard Middle School, I think it would make the intersection much safer.
Mara Meyer November 27, 2011 at 04:39 AM
Jeff, while I can appreciate your concerns there are many other intersections for the students to cross rather than worrying about osterman being open to traffic. Osterman is a nice respite from the ever encroaching drivers on Deerfield road who have no manners and cut into the wetbound traffic certain times of the day. Let's investigate signage and education of the community before we restrict traffic.
Joe Gerber December 14, 2011 at 11:42 PM
Mara- First off, my name is Joe. haha No worries. Secondly, while I understand your point, that's not entirely true. for Students (like a friend of mine) who live in South Commons or in Poet's Corner, that is the only way for them to get to school. In addition to that, The Deerfield Square is where kids typically flock to on Friday afternoons and this is the intersection they must use. And while those Friday Afternoons are not such an important decision-making factor for the Village, it should still be considered.


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