Are You Registered to Vote?

Today is the deadline to be able to vote in the November election. Click through this article to find out how you can get registered.

The Nov. 6 general election is less than a month away, and as politicians gear up with their campaigns, today is the final day to register your vote.

If you are registered to vote you should have received a Voter's Certificate of Registration card in the mail last November. While you do not need this on election day, it shows important information such as your township, precinct number and location of your voting site. 

To find out if you are registered to vote, log on to the County's Voter Power page. By entering some basic information, the site will tell you who the elected officials and candidates are in your district, where to vote and how to cast a write-in vote, show sample ballots and more. On this site you can also print another Voter's Certificate of Registration card if you do not have yours.

The website also offers information on voting by mail, early voting, filing referendums and more.

If you have moved or changed your name, or if you turned 18 since the last election, you need to register. You can do so by calling 847-377-2410 or by logging on to Lake County's Voter Services website for more information.


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