Blizzard Cost Village $168,000

The village is working with Lake County to apply for federal reimbursement.

Libertyville spent $168,242 on last week’s blizzard, which bought 20 inches of snow to the area, according to the village.

Downtown snow clean-up efforts cost the village $75,000. Another $32,500 was spent for overtime and $11,400 was for equipment repairs. The village allocated about $49,000 for the use of village equipment. The blizzard cost the police and fire department about $6,300.

The village is working with the Lake County Emergency Management Agency to apply for federal funding reimbursement. If Lake County is declared a Federal Disaster Area, the village will be eligible for some or all reimbursements.

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Peggy Becker February 10, 2011 at 05:55 PM
This is one Village that definitely should be reimbursed. They get an A+++ from me for their dedication and proficiency during the past blizzard. We received two phone calls from Libertyville Police Dept., making sure we knew what the Village was doing, asking us to please stay off the streets unless there was an emergency, keeping us posted on snow removal policies. Then we received a call from Mayor Weppler, stating what the Village had been doing to keep on top of this storm, and that the wellness of Libertyville's residents was first and foremost on their minds. I wrote to Terry and thanked him and the Village in general for extremely prompt snow removal, and excellent communication during this difficult time for us all. If you agree, drop then a note or give them a call to let them know how much we appreciate them and what they did. Although it is their "job", they went beyond the scope of normal job description this past week. Kudos to everyone in the Mayor's office, Public Works, the Police Department and the Fire Department. You make us proud to live here. Peg Becker


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