Butler Lake Band Shell to be Demolished

After discussing on and off for about six years what to do with the band shell at Butler Lake in Libertyville, the village board last week approved a $31,000 contract with a local construction company to tear the sagging structure down, according to the Daily Herald. 

Dale Harris, a local drummer, got the ball rolling on the band shell in the 1960s when a variety of musical groups played there, but in recent years, its only use has been a once-a-year appearance by the Libertyville Village Band prior to the Fourth of July fireworks show, according to the article. 

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Susan April 18, 2014 at 06:24 PM
Thanks, I will do that, and thanks also for your kind, encouraging, and wise words. Definitely things to think about. We see things a little differently, but we do have common ground. I've enjoyed the conversation. Enjoy the weekend.
Running55 April 18, 2014 at 10:39 PM
Susan - have a great weekend. Libertyville is a great place because of folks like you. That's why I love local politics, it's usually without all riff raff of the state and national politics and people can agree on common ground.
Tom Chapel April 21, 2014 at 09:04 AM
Walked by the old band shell and it occurs to me that a band could still perform there without the roof. As to the other stuff, there are two issues: one is the city government, one is private development. The city has nothing to do with tear downs. So, we can cheer about all of the great things about Libertyville and cry that the very things that we love create the economic incentive to buy a home, tear it down and put up a mini castle. Oak Brook went through this and it changed the city to upper crust de luxe. I love the mix here but it won't last much longer. Even the postage stamp homes on Rockland, east of 4th which were the homes of the blue collar workers decades ago, are getting 6 figures for something twice the size of my garage.
Susan April 21, 2014 at 09:58 AM
Tom, you appear to be the lone understander in this blog of what I have been trying to express. In one sentence, you summed it up: "I love the mix here, but it won't last much longer." I've always loved the mix in Libertyville - of ages, income, new and old, open space and not. It's changing so quickly it's frightening and I loathe the thought of living in a city of upper crust de luxe. Our older kids (mid-to late 20s) had a very grounded experience here. Our two younger ones have a skewed understanding of "normal" because the village has changed so much. I still remember with such sadness the statement in some print media when whoever owned the building where "The Blue Smock" was operating kicked them out (for those not living here then, it was an interesting resale shop on Church Street for many things - clothes, furniture, books, dishes, etc.). The written statement said that The Blue Smock no longer represented Libertyville. If I was trying to deny that things were changing around here, that statement jolted me out of my delusions. And, as I type this, I hear the noise of the beautiful home being demolished......
Running55 April 21, 2014 at 12:33 PM
Tom - yes they could play there without a bandshell, similar to cook park. My issue is that the village should invest in a new shelter (whether it's a formal band shell or not) rather than just knock it down with no plans. Susan - I do understand your concerns but I would rather Libertyville have more tear downs and nice remodeled homes (they won't tesr down everything) rather than the village become like gurnee, grayslake, or mundelien that has a mix of old and new but no village identify and mid quality schools. I don't think there are any villages that can maintain a low housing cost and top schools and thriving downtown area. You really can't have both. You will see our town become less desirable but as a result older less maintained houses will remain or you are a top community but the costs get driven up. At the end of the day most families with two working families can afford to purchase a house in almost any city in the northern burbs, but they have to make the trade off for larger and new vs small and older with good schools. I don't think liberrtyville is keeping as many families out due to housing cost and availability but it is causing more folks to make the trade off if it's worth it.


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