Deerfield Resident Enters Congressional Race

Business consultant joins contest to unseat Dold.

Deerfield business consultant became the second candidate in less than a month to declare his candidacy for the Democratic nomination to unseat freshman in the November 2012 general election. 

Community organizer of Waukegan entered the race last month, though neither Schneider nor Sheyman know the new boundaries of the Tenth Congressional District. . The new map should be finalized this month. 

Economy a priority

Both Schneider and Sheyman stress economic issues. Sheyman’s primary focus is rebuilding the middle class while Schneider stresses local job creation and fostering small business growth. He plans to develop economic ideas as he gets to know the needs of the people of the area. 

“Over the next several months I will get to know the people in the community to put together programs.” Schneider said. “I want to leave this a better place for my children and yet-to-be born grandchildren like my parents and grandparents did for me.” 

Sheyman bemoans the deterioration of the American middle class lifestyle and with it the inability of working people to achieve the lifestyle attained by previous generations. He wants to help the middle class with legislation designed to create jobs. 

“We need to use every tool in our tool box to put people back to work to re-establish the middle class and revitalize the American dream,” Sheyman said. 

U.S. should guide Middle East peace talks

Sheyman and Schneider, who are both Jewish, believe Israelis and Palestinians must achieve peace at the negotiating table with guidance -- but not dictates -- coming from outside parties like the United States. 

“Israel and the Palestinians need to come together,” Schneider said. “The issue is not one of Palestinian statehood. The issue is the Palestinians accepting Israel as a Jewish state.” 

Sheyman agrees the Jewish character and security of Israel must be preserved. He also sees a leadership role for the United States. 

“There needs to be a Jewish heritage in the State of Israel,” Sheyman said. “Final status negotiations must take place between the parties. What the United States can do is provide leadership to help get the parties to the table.” 

Sheyman was not surprised at Schneider’s announcement. Both candidates earlier this month given by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). They are both being encouraged by the DCCC. 

“I always expected other candidates,” Sheyman said. “I look forward to a healthy debate with all the candidates.” 

Former engineer turns to politics

After graduating from Northwestern University with a degree in industrial engineering in 1983, Schneider began his professional career as an engineer at a wire factory on a Kibbutz in Israel. 

He returned to the United States to take a job as a consultant with Price Waterhouse before earning a master’s degree from Northwestern’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management in 1988. 

After graduating from Kellogg, he continued his consulting career for 20 years before opening his own business in 2008. He lives in Deerfield with his wife, Julie Dann, and their two teenage sons.


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