Farm Bureau Endorses Candidates

The Lake County Farm Bureau, based in Grayslake, has released a list of candidates it endorses for federal, state and county races in the Nov. 6, 2012, election.

The Lake County Farm Bureau Political Involvement Committee recently held candidate interviews in contested U.S., State and County Board races and endorsed candidates.

“For over 30 years, the Lake County Farm Bureau has actively participated in the electoral process by interviewing, endorsing and providing PAC funding to candidates who understand the importance of agriculture in Lake County and campaign on a platform to help farmers, landowners and those involved in the agricultural industry,” said Gregory Koeppen, Lake County Farm Bureau Executive Director.

“As an organization, we have 13,587 local members and statewide we boast over 420,000 members. Our endorsements are reflective of the desire of our members to continue to insure farmers in Lake County are protected and provided with assistance at the local, state and national levels,” added Koeppen.

Candidates who responded to the interview request were asked to complete a questionnaire, provide campaign material and also sit through a 30-minute interview with members of the Legislative Political Involvement Committee. 

Questions ranged from solutions to fixing the state budget, reducing the county board size, future forest preserve purchasing plans and enacting legislation that would be supportive of agricultural production in Lake County.

At the conclusion of the interviews, the following candidates have been endorsed and awarded PIC money.

10th Congressional District

Robert Dold (Republican)

8th Congressional District

Candidates Joe Walsh and Tammy Duckworth did not respond.

State Senate 29th District

Arie Friedman (Republican)

State Senate 30th District

Terry Link (Democrat)

State Senate 31st District

Joe Neal (Republican)

State Representative 52nd District

Dee Beaubien (Independent)

State Representative 59th District (Both candidates qualified for endorsement.)

Sid Mathias (Republican)

Carol Sente (Democrat)

State Representative 60th District

Rita Mayfield (Democrat)

State Representative 61st District

JoAnn D Osmond (Republican)

State Representative 62nd District

Sandy Cole (Republican)

Lake County Board Races

Lake County Board District 1

Linda Pedersen (Republican)

Lake County Board District 3

Tom Weber (Republican)

Lake County Board District 4

Brent Paxton (Republican)

Lake County Board District 5

Bonnie Thomson Carter (Republican)

Lake County Board District 6

Pat Carey (Democrat)

Lake County Board District 9

Mary Ross Cunningham (Democrat)

Lake County Board District 11

Steve Mandel (Democrat)

Lake County Board District 13

Sandra Hart (Democrat)

Lake County Board District 15

Carol Calabresa (Republican)

Lake County Board District 16

Michael Carbone (Republican)

Lake County Board District 19

Craig Taylor (Republican)

Lake County Board District 21

Ann Maine (Republican)

The Lake County Farm Bureau is a not-for-profit membership organization supported solely by its dues paying members. Established in 1914, it is one of the oldest farm organizations in the United States.

Submitted by the Lake County Farm Bureau


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