Federal Spending Cuts Would Greatly Impact Illinois' Middle Class

A series of automatic spending cuts called a sequester could be imposed by the federal government on March 1 unless Congress accepts new revenues stemming from higher taxes on the wealthy.

In a matter of days, $85 billion worth of across-the-board government spending cuts called a sequester could affect all 50 states.

If imposed, the cuts would impact everything from education spending and national defense to public health and the economy, reported the Huffington Post.

President Obama is pushing Congress to accept his deficit reduction plan, which includes new revenues and spending cuts. The plan would achieve $1.8 trillion in budget reductions stemming from about $1.1 trillion in spending cuts and $680 billion in new revenues from limiting deductions and closing tax loopholes for the wealtiest Americans, reported the Huffington Post.

State impact

The White House has released reports detailing how each state would be impacted by a sequester.

In Illinois, the following areas could be affected just this year if the sequester goes into effect:

  • Teachers and schools
  • Work-study jobs
  • Head Start
  • Protection for clean air and clean water
  • Law Enforcement and Public Safety Funds for Crime Prevention and Prosecution
  • Job Search Assistance to Help those in Illinois find Employment and Training
  • Child care
  • Vaccines for children
  • Public health
  • Stop violence against women programs
  • Nutrition assistance for seniors

Tell Us: Do you think there will be a sequester? Which areas of potential impact concern you the most?

I Call B.S. February 26, 2013 at 06:20 PM
This is so bogus. The Federal government is cutting .01 cent of every dollar. But the fact of the matter is the Federal government is still spending more than they did last year. If you notice they keep using the word "COULD" All bogus look at the source The Huffington Post <---- Seriously.
Terri February 26, 2013 at 08:10 PM
If his plan calls for $1.1 tril in cuts and $700 bil new revenue, why not just take the $400 bil in cuts and call it a day? Isn't that 5 times the sequester?
RB February 26, 2013 at 08:55 PM
$650 Bil in new revenue over ten years. Over $2 Trillion in cuts so far. The Republicans say they are done with new revenue, including loopholes. So my question is what's fair about that? More revenue and entitlement reform could get this done in 10 minutes. Keep defense cuts, end a bunch of loopholes and add means testing to Medicare. Done! But, no! Republicans are more concerned about their own re-election in their conservative little gerrymandered districts.... than they are about the Country.
McCloud February 26, 2013 at 09:59 PM
I can't blame you guys for using the same bs over and over again, as it seems to work. The bottom line is the national debt continues to grow, as the economy shrinks. Fonzi has jumped the shark for the thousandth time.


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