Grayslake and Libertyville to Share Adjudication Program

The program is expected to save Grayslake money in staff time and prosecutor costs.

The villages of Grayslake and Libertyville will soon share an adjudication program.

Grayslake trustees voted unanimously Tuesday night to authorize the administrative hearing system and operate the system in conjunction with another municipality. Trustees also voted unanimously to enter into an intergovernmental agreement with Libertyville to utilize the latter's adjudication system.

According to previous board meeting agenda documents, "items that are currently administered in Lake County's branch court, such as building code violations, property maintenance violations, local police code enforcement items and parking enforcement, would all be administered utilizing Libertyville's adjudicator and clerical support staff."

The program is expected to cost Grayslake about $1,800 to $1,900 per year, Mayor Rhett Taylor has said, but the village would save about 10 times as much through the reduction in staff time and prosecutor costs.

Additionally, Grayslake will receive 100 percent of the fines collected through the adjudication hearings for Grayslake cases.


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