Grayslake Village Board to Discuss Backyard Chickens, Restrictions on Gun Sales

The village board is expected to discuss during its June 3 meeting whether backyard chickens should be allowed in Grayslake and whether restrictions should be placed on where guns can be sold in the village, according to a Suburban Life Publications article. 

Both items were supposed to be discussed during a May 6 meeting, but since three trustees were absent, Mayor Rhett Taylor decided to push back the discussions, according to the article. 

The idea of allowing backyard chickens first came up during a March meeting where trustees asked that more research be done before moving forward, while the discussion on whether ordinances should be put in place to govern where guns can be sold will make its debut during the June village board meeting, according to Suburban Life Publications. 

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Sean G. May 16, 2014 at 09:27 PM
Dear Residents of Grayslake: Please be ahead of the times not behind like the socialist republic of Libertyville, where the spirit of Independence is just that, it's just spirit without the independence.


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