Libertyville Golf Course to be Leased by BCS Golf, LLC

Per the lease agreement, BCS will pay $20,000 in rent per year.

The Libertyville Golf Course will soon be operated by Wauconda-based BCS Golf, LLC.

Trustees voted Jan. 8 to approve a lease agreement with BCS to operate the Libertyville Golf Course in exchange for rental payments of $20,000 per year for the first 10 years, and $25,000 per year for a second, optional 10 years.

Under the agreement, BCS will pay the village 10 percent of any gross earnings that exceed $850,000.

"It's going to be a great amenity for the residents," said Blair Subry, founder and CEO of BCS Golf, LLC. He has been a golf pro for more than 30 years.

According to meeting agenda documents, "the golf course has provided a valuable amenity to both residents and non-residents of the village, but in recent years has operated at a financial loss." The golf course, located along the Des Plaines River, has been operated by the village since 1979.

Trustee Richard Moras said the question has been asked for many years regarding what the village should do about the golf course, "and I think we got an answer we like."

"I'm thrilled that it worked out this way," said Trustee Drew Cullum.

Per the lease, the village and BCS will meet annually to agree upon rates to ensure the golf course remains affordable.


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