National Grid Estimates Restoration by Thursday Night in Marlborough

The power company released new numbers late Monday afternoon about the state of things the "Snowtober" event. News from Comcast on the Cable situation as well.

Many people around the state are referencing the weekend storm that hit most of Massachusetts as "Snowtober," others just call it a pain-in-the-neck. 

National Grid, the company responsible for the electrical power needs of much of the state—including Marlborough—are scrambling to offer a defense for the accusation that they were caught off guard by the early season storm. 

According to a document recently issued by the company, 18,200 customers have been serviced since the storm, with 7,883 customers still lingering in the dark. The latter number represents 43.1 percent of their Marlborough customer base, said the document. 

By the start of Friday (12 a.m.), the company says they hope to have everyone up and running in Marlborough, save those with extenuating circumstances.

“We realize the major inconvenience it is for people to be without power and want our customers to know we are doing everything we can to restore power as quickly as possible,” said Marcy Reed, president, National Grid Massachusetts.  “However, even with all the resources that we are deploying to restore power, it takes time to repair damage as extensive as what we incurred this weekend.”  Reed continued, “Customers are having power restored each hour. We expect to have power back to the vast majority of our customers by Thursday evening.  The exceptions will be customers located in isolated pockets that present special circumstances or those who need to make repairs to their homes before we can restore service.”

Reed said National Grid would be working around the clock until service is restored.

office said they will be working with National Grid throughout the duration of the outage. 

Many residents have also been reporting issues with Comcast. The company spoke with Marlborough Patch Monday afternoon.

"At this time it appears the vast majority of problems are related to commercial power outages," said Marc Goodman, a Comcast Cable spokesperson. "For most people, service should be restored as power comes back on in their homes. As service comes on, however, we are seeing cases where more extensive damage (to lines and electrical hardware) is causing continued problems. We are going to work until service restored to all customers, and we are working closely with state and local personnel, as well as the power companies."

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Louis King November 01, 2011 at 03:56 PM
Executive perks at National Grid. http://www.syracuse.com/news/index.ssf/2010/09/your_national_grid_check_helpe.html
Lois Black November 01, 2011 at 09:49 PM
west Marlborough here,Out for over 60 hours. Just came back on line about 1/2 an hour ago. Outages were very random - we had a lot of wires down which made it difficult. Last night I could see power on in the adjacent neighborhood. There was lots of tree work going yesterday and today on and the grid trucks came this afternoon and got a lot of folks back on line..
Michelle November 02, 2011 at 04:37 AM
I am on liberty street and their was 6 trucks there. Went to a friends house figuring I would have power restored (its been out since sat eve 8 p.m. ) get to the south street side and got all excited because I seen lights. Till I got to my residence, 4 houses on the left ( 1 being mine) "NO POWER"... This is some BE where the trucks were there did they even check to see if the whole street is restored??? And what's up with national grid telling everyone Thursday!!!
Abby November 02, 2011 at 06:25 PM
Just saw a poll on NECN (New England Cable News) asking if residents would like to be PAID when the electricity goes out until it goes back on by their electric company. I say Hells to the YEAH because money talks obviously... Maybe if these electric companies were being FINED and CHARGED money they would do something PREVENTATIVE so none of US lose our electricity in the first place. I understand downed trees and downed wires cannot be predicted but guess what? TREES have been here forever and WIRES have been here since the electric companies came to power. How about securing the wires better? How about trimming the trees around the utility poles? Hmmmmmmm?
Paul Bishop November 03, 2011 at 03:55 AM
I grew up in a rural community in Wisconsin, where weather incidents left us without power for days at a time, in some cases, weeks. The luxuries (and make no mistakes, it IS a luxury.. not afforded in mant parts of the USA, never mind the world) that are afforded in an affluent area such as this.. and taken for granted, nearly as a "right", ranging from expectation of municipal services, to the PRIVATE COMPANIES that provide utility services ranging from power to cable to cell phone.. the spoiled nature of people who have never been exposed to the realities of most of the country is astounding. Really, Abby, you need to understand that working people are out there trying to clear wreckage.. see my photos. There's telephone poles and trees across power lines at every block, practically. These guys (and girls) are working VERY hard for us, under a reduced workforce, and taking HUGE amounts of flak for it, on top of everything else. Many are local and don't have power themselves. I personally know a multimillionaire in Wellesley who is still in the dark. This is about power lines and trees and what repairs have the greatest impact. Triage isn't a new concept by any means.


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