Opponents Launch Anti-Brainerd Referendum Website

The website launched Sunday to fight the proposal to issue bonds to fund a restoration of Libertyville's historic Brainerd building.

A group calling itself "It's a No-Brainerd" launched a website over the weekend to oppose the March 18 referendum asking Libertyville residents whether they would like to issue bonds to pay for a renovation of the historic Brainerd building.

"We are a group of concerned Libertyville residents who think this project is a BAD idea," the site says.

The site went up Sunday in order to fight the proposal to raise taxes to support the project. Instead, it suggests creating Brainerd Place Plaza, a park that could have a space to showcase the history of the Brainerd building.

There is also a "Save Brainerd" website, which is advocating in favor of the referendum. 

Brainerd meeting draws large crowd, skepticism 

Patch readers weigh in on proposal

L A Schart February 19, 2014 at 09:28 PM
You can now follow, support and spread the word about the Brainerd Tax Increase on Twitter, @ItsaNOBrainerd. Visit our website, which details how the proposed tax increase will effect YOU! www.ItsaNOBrainerd.com


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