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The referendum is Tuesday. Read Patch’s coverage and opinion pieces posted by your neighbors.

After many public meetings and much discussion, Libertyville residents finally have their chance to vote on the Brainerd referendum Tuesday. If you still haven’t made up your mind — or you’re wondering what your neighbors think — here’s a look back at our coverage of the issue over the past couple months. 

Letters to the editor:

Brainerd: Character adds Value

Save Brainerd

$11M for Botox

who pays for Brainerd

For it! Voting YES

Opposition to Brainerd Bond Issue

I'm voting NO on the Brainerd tax increase

Brainerd Plans Impressive


‘Save Brainerd’ Sign Drawn Into Referendum Debate

Opponents Launch Anti-Brainerd Referendum Website

Younger Voices Speak Out in Favor of Brainerd Referendum

Brainerd Meeting Draws Large Crowd, Skepticism

How Should Libertyville Residents Vote on the Brainerd Question?


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