Should Libertyville Residents Be Compelled to Plow Their Sidewalks?

The question has come up during this winter of extreme snow.

Does Libertyville need an ordinance requiring people to clear snow off their sidewalks or else?

That’s a question that has gotten some people talking given the extreme amount of snow we’ve seen this winter.

Public Works Director John Heinz said he wants a better way to handle the complaints he gets about residents who aren’t clearing their walks, according to an article in TribLocal. In Barrington, where he used to work, Heinz said the village would hire someone to clear unshoveled sidewalks and then send a bill to the resident.

Trustee Donna Johnson said she’s prefer to send a reminder letter to delinquent shovelers and work on the honor system, or perhaps enlist volunteers like the Boy Scouts to help, according to the article.

Lake Forest is currently surveying its residents about who they want to be responsible for sidewalk plowing, residents or the city.

You can read the full TribLocal article here.

What do you think the rule should be in Libertyville?

Douglas Snook March 12, 2014 at 03:56 PM
On my walk home from the train, there is one particular block where none of the residents have ever shoveled their sidewalks in the past seven years. It's not that they're elderly, which I would completely understand (and which the city could grant a waiver for). The problem seems to be that they rent, so they don't feel responsible- I often see them shoveling their driveways and a narrow path to their front door, and that's it.
Lisa Robinson March 12, 2014 at 05:02 PM
I had to laugh reading the comments about kids needing clear sidewalks, because although we keep our sidewalk clear, every day lately kids walking home down my street are climbing through the snow and up and down the snowbanks, not using the sidewalk : ). I agree we should all keep the walks by our houses clear, whether we wanted sidewalks or not, and the village should better maintain village sidewalks, and parking along Milwaukee Ave. they seem to spend an awful lot of time clearing the top of the parking ramp, while we all have to slog through snow and slush to get from our car to the sidewalk along Milwaukee downtown. Renters and landlords need to put in their leases who's responsible for snow removal. Elderly and disabled deserve everyone's assistance with this. And runners and walkers should be on the sidewalks! I see them out in the road even when sidewalks are clear, especially down Lake Street.
Sean G. March 12, 2014 at 08:54 PM
Many streets don't even have sidewalks. How about we work on that first Libertyville.
gary schlesinger March 12, 2014 at 09:13 PM
that will cost a bloody fortune. let us fix the streets first. they are deplorable. then get sidewalks everywhere. is the public willing to pay more taxes for more sidewalks?
Kevin M March 12, 2014 at 09:23 PM
Shoveling responsibility comes with home ownership. Completely inexcusable for some houses to make zero effort. Hire a hardworking kid for $20. Elderly who get a break on property taxes should have the option to request complimentary sidewalk shoveling. Village can make such opportunities available to service groups like Boy Scouts, Adventure Guides, church groups, individuals, etc.to volunteer to shovel those houses. Maybe village can just administer and leave the work to good souls willing to help out their community. Anyone else? You have 48 hours after snow ends to demonstrate effort to clear sidewalk. After 48 hours, village will clear it or hire contractors to clear it and bill the resident.


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