Trustees Allow Glenkirk to Increase Number of Residents in Congregate Housing

The number of residents will be increased from five to six in the Glenkirk homes on Trinity Place and Nathan Lane.

Libertyville Trustees voted unanimously Nov. 27 to approve a special use permit for Glenkirk to add one additional resident to its congregate housing units on Nathan Lane and Trinity Place.

The additional residents would bring the total to six in each the homes. Glenkirk is a not-for-profit agency that serves adults with developmental disabilities.

The issue has been met with some resistance from residents, who expressed concerns both at Tuesday night's meeting and at plan commission meetings. Glenkirk initially requested increasing the number of residents in each home from five to eight, but that number was reduced after an initial public hearing.

The plan to change the number of residents from five to six failed at the plan commission level by a vote of 2-2.

"Accordingly, the recommendation of the plan commission is for denial," village staff stated in documents provided to the village board at their Nov. 27 meeting.

Trustees agreed to the increase Nov. 27 with a major condition: that the issue be reviewed again in a year. Glenkirk must also abide by the conditions set forth by the plan commission, including: that fence replacement or repairs be completed within six months; that Glenkirk staff only park personal or agency vehicles on the street in front of the Glenkirk house and that all vehicles are parked in the home's driveway after 8 p.m.; and that Glenkirk officials distribute a semi-annual newsletter to neighboring residents.

Trustee Drew Cullum said his conclusion, based on the information provided from the plan commission meetings, is that the communication between Glenkirk and the neighboring residents hasn't been great, but it has improved. Cullum said he drove past the homes and they have new driveways, and the home on Trinity is getting new windows.

Cullum said while he didn't agree with the idea of going from five to eight residents in the homes, he is OK with going from five residents to six and requiring the issue to be revisited in a year.

A resident who lives near the house on Trinity Place said she and her husband are not in favor of another resident being added to the house, even though Glenkirk has complied with the fence issue.

"The backyard is still a mud pit with no grass in it," the resident said, and communication with neighboring residents has been iffy. "They have to work at this a little bit better."


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