Butterfield Students Explore Their Heritage

Third graders at Libertyville's elementary school recently created dolls to represent their family's background.

A third-grade classes at Butterfield School have found a unique way to learn about their ancestry. Inspired Barbara Cohen's classic Thanksgiving book, Molly's Pilgrim, the students each create a doll that showcases their own heritage. 

Students and their parents researched the Internet, spoke with family members, and looked through old family photo albums to learn about their own ancestry. With the help of parent volunteers, the students used traditional fabrics, colors, ribbon, and whatever else they can find to create their dolls. The students then share their dolls with the rest of the third-grade classes.

The experience not only provides an opportunity for students to learn about their own heritage, but it also allows them to learn about ancestry of their fellow classmates. In addition, the lesson provides another opportunity for parents and students to bond and learn together as they explored their family trees together.


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