District 128 Narrows Deficit on Working Budget

Amended budget shows a possible $1 million deficit, down from the $3 million previously estimated.

, Community High School District 128 Finance and Facility's Committee members discussed amendments on Monday that saved the district $2 million.

According to Yasmine Dada, assistant superintendent of business for the district, the budget will not be adopted and finalized until August or September.

The majority of the $3 million deficit in June was due to capital improvement projects. Modifications have since been made to the fiscal year 2012 working budget to include additional tax revenues from the state and adjusted local taxes, adding $1 million in revenues.

In addition, payments made during the fiscal year 2011 and on current capital projects were reflected in the new working budget expenditures, showing a savings of $1 million.

While many of the committee members seemed happy with the overall amended fiscal year 2012 budget, many expressed concerns over some expenditure increases.

Members concerned with expenditure increases

The committee scrutinized budget line items. Supplies, which include textbooks and consumable materials, showed a 25 percent increase from the fiscal year 2011 budget.

“It’s very difficult to support a double digit increase in supplies and materials,” said Board of Education Member Bill Ratzer.

“They can’t estimate what milk is going to cost in six months,” said Deborah Larson, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction. “They want to have a cushion in case a calculator breaks and they have to replace it or if the price of a chemical for a science lab goes up.”

“We’re going to have to justify taxes this year more than ever,” Fleming said. “I think there’s lot of increases that need some justification.”

Next meeting agenda

At the Aug. 22 board of education meeting, the board will review bids for repairing the retention wall at the south drive at Libertyville High School, a kiln replacement, transportation for students with special needs, and gym projection and sound systems at LHS.

Correction: The previous version of this article said Associate Superintendent Dr. Al Fleming said it's very difficult to support a double digit increase in supplies and materials. The article has now been updated to reflect that the quote was said by Board of Education Member Bill Ratzer.


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