District 128 Weigh $3 Million Deficit in New Budget

But the budget will be balanced, according to Assistant Superintendent for Business Yasmine Dada.

District 128 school board members unanimously voted on June 27 to allow spending to continue through the summer months while they finished hammering out the details of the fiscal 2012 budget.

The draft budget projects $79.5 million in revenue and $82.5 million in expenditures for 2011-2012 and is a “work in progress” according to Yasmine Dada, assistant superintendent for business for Community High School District 128.

“With their (board members) recommendations, we will make changes for what they want to see in the budget,” Dada said.

School board President Pat Groody expressed concern during the Facilities and Finance Committee meeting about the possibility of spending some of the district’s surplus monies on operating expenses. But that should not happen, according to Dada.

The $3 million deficit is due to one-time capital improvement projects, line items that need to be adjusted, and as of last week’s meeting, the state owed $1 million to District 128.

Dada also said there may be reductions in other areas of the budget, such as transportation. These reductions are dependent on events in Springfield.

School board members will continue their work on the budget at their July and August meetings.

The school board also approved four bids, totaling $225,000, for improvements in the district. A new dugout and an equipment storage shed for girls softball players will be installed and boiler work will be done at . At Vernon Hills High School, the bus lane will be repaved and parts of the school will be recarpeted with carpet tiles.

In another vote, board members decided to hold their July meeting at the district office as a cost-saving measure.


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