District 70 to Outfit Interactive Tech in All Classrooms

An additional 70 classrooms will have an interactive whiteboard or projector by fall.

Libertyville Elementary School District 70 plans to outfit all large classrooms with interactive technology by fall, according to Pam Imholz, director of technology for the district.

Sixty-eight classrooms in the district already have interactive technology. By fall, the district plans to outfit 70 more classrooms with either an interactive whiteboard or an interactive projector. Interactive technology does not work as well in smaller classrooms, so they will not be outfitted with the new technology, according Imholz.

“The research shows if [interactive technology] is used properly, it is very engaging, students get that kinesthetic capability. It enhances their learning, it addresses different learning styles and promotes collaboration,” Imholz said.

Highland Family Association (HFA) will help pay $35,000 towards installing the interactive technologies. District 70’s share of the installation cost is already included in this and next year's school budget, according to Imholz.

“HFA was just getting ready to install ceiling mount projectors, they have backed off that proposal because some of their older projectors really can be replaced with one of these instead so they are going to roll that money into helping to pay for this initiative.” Imholz said. “So our total cost will be between $140,000 and $150,000 to finish the interactive whiteboards or projectors around the district.”

District 70 will require all teachers to complete basic interactive technology training and Imholz hopes to have all teachers trained by mid September.

In the future, the district also plans to roll out an interactive library where teachers can share flip charts and other interactive materials they created for the curriculum.


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