Four District Schools Rank in Lake County for Attendance

Libertyville Elementary District 70 schools ranked in the top 10 for fall attendance week.

Four Libertyville Elementary District 70 schools ranked in the top 10 for the 23rd Annual Lake County Elementary School Fall Attendance Week.

Ranking number one for “large” schools in the county was Highland Middle School. It tied for the top slot for large elementary schools with 980 students for a 97.63 percent attendance rate.

Ranking in the top 10 slots for schools smaller than 450 was fifth place with 400 students with a 98.07 percent attendance rate and coming up in seventh place was Adler Park School with 262 students and a 97.94 percent attendance rate. For Medium sized elementary schools, tied with several schools for seventh place in the top 10 with 531 students with a 97 percent attendance rate.

All Lake County elementary schools are eligible to be recognized by the Regional School Superintendent for attendance week, which ran from Oct. 24-28 this year.

The Top Ten Award Ceremony were held on Jan. 30 to honor the schools. The Libertyville schools were represented by principals and students on the school Student Council elected board. They were presented with certificates of achievement at the celebratory luncheon.

Information provided by Libertyville Elementary School District 70.


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