Hawthorn Middle School North Students Collecting Items for Troops

The collection drive will take place through Nov. 6.

Hawthorn Middle School North students are learning about the importance of giving—and the importance of supporting our troops—through a collection drive taking place at the school through Nov. 6.

The school's Student Council, co-sponsored by Marilyn Ring and Tanya Stahl, is aiming to pack and send 105 boxes of necessities like deodorant and foot powder to soldiers in G Company who are stationed in Afghanistan.

Ring said the idea came from an email sent by Superintendent Nick Brown.

"It just seemed like a good project for middle school," said Ring.

She said students are "getting a kick out of the list," particularly the foot powder. Ring said she explained to the students that soldiers' feet sweat in their boots due to the heat and can cause blisters and other foot issues.

Students are collecting the following items: small spiral notebooks, pens, granola bars, disposable razors, non-aerosol deodorant, gum, foot powder and small packages of ground coffee. Other optional items include Twizzlers, beef jerky, cookies, nuts and brownies, all individually-wrapped.

Ring said homeroom classes have each been assigned an item to collect, and staff members have been asked to donate money that cover the cost of shipping the items overseas. She added that the community is welcome to donate items as well.

"The response has been overwhelming," said Ring. On Thursday, someone donated 140 packets of coffee from a local company. Ring also received an email from someone who said they have a box of personal care items to donate.

"The whole school is excited about it," said Ring.

Once the items have been collected, students will gather to pack the 105 boxes. Ring expects to receive letters from the soldiers who receive the boxes.

"It's a wonderful learning lesson," she said.

If you'd like to donate items for the collection drive, contact the school at (847) 990-4400.


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