Libertyville District 70 Students to Compete in 'Destination Imagination' Regionals

The competition will be held March 2 at Highland Middle School.

A record number of teams of Libertyville Elementary District 70 students involved in an international Destination Imagination program are busy preparing for a regional competition at Highland Middle School next month.

Destination Imagination challenges students in problem solving techniques. This year, students from Adler Park, Butterfield, Copeland Manor, Highland Middle and Rockland schools, will have teams competing in the regional competition to be held March 2 at Highland.

From Adler Park School under the sponsorship of Ashley Zeinz:

  • The team “The Team That’s Not There,” for the “In the Zone” challenge with team members Lily Ervine, Chase Houser, Celia McDermott-Hinman, Dillion McDonald, Noah Scally, Eric Sparks, and Ryan Tanzer. The team is managed by Greg Sparks. In the challenge, the team builds a vehicle or vehicles that use three different power sources and move while performing a story on vehicle safety.
  • Team “The Pizza Delivery Guys” will compete in the structural Twist-o-Rama competition with team members Louise Hubbard, Thomas Hubbard, Ainsley Johnson and Alex Johnson. The manager is Chris Johnson. In this challenge, students will build a structure that can hold weight and take a hit while also performing a story with a twist.
  • Team “Red Fire Leaves” will compete in the early learning Rising Stars challenge of ROY G BIV with team Connor Crane, Olivia Flayter, Audrey Lester. Parker Lester, and Sofia Perkins. The manager is Jennifer Boller. In the challenge, students will learn about the colors of the rainbow, create a play about Roy G. Biv’s birthday and bring a gift that is based on the color they are wearing. This challenge is not competitive but gives younger students an introduction to DI.

From Adler Park and Butterfield schools:

  • An Adler Park and Butterfield team, “World Cup,” in the challenge “In The Zone,” with team members Artie Abrego, Adam Buier, Logan Hyatt, Calvin McFalls, and John Palmer. The team manager is Greg McFalls.

From Butterfield School, with sponsor Karen McLean:

  • The team “Unmasked,” on the challenge In Disguise, with team members include Ella Bach, Emma Bloom, Lauren Parker, Claudia Moxo, Ava Szatmary, and Lanie Szatmary, Managed by Lara Szatmary. In the challenge the team will perform a silent skit about a person who needs a disguise and use two masks.
  • Team “Fighting 4 Victory,” on challenge Change in Realitee, with team members include Tabi Flynn, Ellie George, Abby Gordon,  Dakota Lyons, Sally Grace Rogers, and Kate Shanahan. The team is managed by Heather Flynn. In the improvisational challenge, the team creates a story that includes a dramatic change and how everyone copes with costumes made completely out of white t-shirts and dry erase markers.
  • The team “Awesome Ideas” will compete in the Twist-O-Rama challenge with team members Gavin Buier, Jack Colwell, Vivek Gaddam, Chris Kennedy, Sam Otto, and James Preusker. The manager is Linda Buier.     Team “Problem Solvers,” in the Twist-O-Rama challenge, with team members include Katie Carlson, Ethan Kendall, Nadia Lausch, Amy Paulsen, Zack Paulsen. Madeline Tepper, The manager is Michelle Paulsen.
  • Team “Sumo Gummy Bears,” in the Twist-O-Rama challenge, with team members include Justin Carlson,  Nick Formento, Andrew Gilson, Will Gordon, Tommaso Oliverii, Aidan O'Sullivan, and Michael Xu. The team is managed by Donna Carlson.
  • Team “Rainbow Dynamite Gummi Bears,” in the Rising Star ROY G BIV challenge, with team members include Jake Berlowski, Maeve Devaney, Josh King, Kirsten Nowak, Delaney Rogers, Julian Timm, and Nolan Wilde. The team is managed by Eileen and Dan Timm.
  • Also in the Rising Stars ROY G BIV challenge is team “Schoolhouse Rockers, “ with Cate Gordon, Brenna Hornsey, Molly Koch, Bibi Lausch, Kyra Saletta, Izzy Tepper, and Mia Westphal. The team manager is Shannon Gordon.

For Copeland Manor School with sponsor Julie Jermakowicz:

  • Team “Team Team” for the Twist-O-Rama challenges with team members Evan Fagan, Liam Gaiden, Nathanael Herman, George Huber, Grant Keriazakos and Sean Paden. The manager is Traci Keriazakos.
  • Team “Cougars with Awesome Bubble Pizza,” for the Real to Reel challenge, with team members Lindsey Bowen, Sean Hoch, Jack Keating, Sean Keating, Ella Kozlowski and Wil Kozlowski. The managers are Nancy Kozlowski and Boone Bowen. In the challenge, students find a solution to a community need and document the process on film, preparing for a press conference at the end.
  • Team “Exploding Firecrackers,” with the Rising Stars ROY G BIV challenge, with team members Yvie Gaiden, Atalhea Herman, Grace Huber, Cole Keriazakos, Trevor Mazzei, Anna Roti and Patrick Sieks. The manager is Megan Huber.

For Highland Middle School under the sponsorship of Megan Russell:

  • Team “That Team Over There,” for the “In the Zone” challenge, with team members Elias Anderson, Mitry Anderson, Alex Dikelsky, Jacob Dikelsky, Andy Liu, Annika McDermott and Adam Sparks. The manager is Greg Sparks.
  • Team “Seek and Go Hide,” for the “In the Zone” challenge with team members Emma Chandler, Abigail Cimi, Izzy Greenberg, Casidy Jones and Erin Leese. The team manager is Elizabeth Chandler.
  • Team “Two Maroonies and One Goldie,” in the Change in Realitee challenge, with team members Clara Corkins, Stephanie Gay and Meghan Keating. The manager is Terri Keating.
  • Team “Fuffalicioius,” for the Change in Realitee challenge, with team members Lexi Krieghbaum, Katy LaPradd, George Legan, Charlotte Stephenson and Jocelyn Stephenson. The manager is Jacque Krieghbaum.
  • Team, “I Got a Rock,” for the Twist-O-Rama challenge, with team members Tate Constable, Jake Duffy, Milica Lukic, Ally McLean, Scott Patterson and Jonathon Timm. The managers are Dan Timm and Fred Duffy.

For Rockland School with sponsor Danya Greenberg:

  • Team “Fuzzy Flaming Rockland Raptors” will compete in “In The Zone” challenge with team members Devon Hamilton, Dan Lenzi, Jack Nicholson, John Power, and Matthew Schicker. The team managers are Mike Schickler and Vicki Nicholson.
  • Team “Rockin' Chocolate Rainbow Gigglers (RCRG),” will compete in In Disguise challenge with team members Moira Duffy, Anna Hirons, Megan Lenzi, and Ellie Weick. The team managers are Katie Lenzi and Merry Hirons.
  • The team “The Monkacorns,” will compete in the Change in Realitee challenge with team members Kara Cannon, Jordan Erdal, Kylie Miller, Jamie Nicholson, Brianna Rojas, Sarah Rosten, and Kenzie Shutts. Barb Cannon is the team manager.
  •  Team “Spy” to compete in the challenge Twist-O-Rama structure challenge, with team members Kyle Carollo, Hailey Dunbar, Evan Dunbar, Margaret McGromley and Nathan Rojas. The team is being managed by Lee and Lisa Dunbar.
  • Team “Twister Tornadoes” with the Twist-O-Rama structure challenge. Team members include George Foster, Mathew Krukonis, Michael Krukonis, Matthew Lundy, Grace Moore, Will Moore and Madison Wilson. The team managers are Wendy Alling and Susan Krukonis.

—District 70 provided this information.

Lisa Scally March 03, 2013 at 02:40 PM
All Greg Sparks teams went through to State. The team that is not there came in fourth at the elementary level and is moving on!


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