Libertyville, Vernon Hills High School Students Selected to IMEA Festival

Auditions were held in early October for the Illinois Music Educators Association (IMEA) District 7 Festival. Congratulations, students!

Community High School District 128 is pleased to announce the Libertyville High School and Vernon Hills High School students who have been selected to the Illinois Music Educators Association (IMEA) District 7 Festival.

The IMEA hosts nine different district festivals in the fall. More than 100 high schools participate in IMEA in District 7, which includes Lake County, Northern Cook County and Eastern McHenry County. Auditions were held in early October and the top students on each instrument and voice part were selected to perform with the District 7 Choir, Band and Orchestra in November.  After the District Festivals in November, the top students from each of the nine IMEA Districts will be selected to the IMEA State Festival in January. Being selected to the IMEA State Festival is the highest individual honor a high school musician can receive.

District 128’s IMEA District Festival 7 selectees are:

Libertyville High School


Alex Wang – Violin, Lucia Zhang – Violin, Megan Yeung – Viola, Brian Schubert – Viola, Ingrid Reid - Cello 


James Broughton - French Horn,  Andy Nader  - French Horn, Laura Andrew - Trombone, 

Michael Ovassapian , Noah Marcus - French Horn, Laura Bonebrake - Bass Clarinet, Taylor Isberg – Clarinet, Ben Jones - Alto Sax, Richard Cho – Clarinet, Alex Mills – Trombone, Emma Koltermann - Contra Bassoon

Jazz Band

Ben Jones- Alto Sax


Cassie Austin - Soprano I, Gabby Prodans - Soprano I, Julie Smagacz - Soprano I, Katie Yan - Soprano I, Anne Lowell - Soprano II, Sydney Hamilton - Alto I, Camille Michelotti - Alto II, Justin Ronne - Tenor I, David Rule - Tenor II


Vernon Hills High School

Elissa Chah – Violin, Helen Deng – Violin, Justin Song – Violin,  Joe Zhai – Violin,  Ann Ho – Viola, Ali Marks - Double Bass

Suzie Chen - Flute/Picc, Meri Bennett-Swanson – Oboe, Christian Hughes – Percussion, Alice Zhang – Flute, Steven Zhang - Bb Clarinet, Jacob Visick – Bassoon, Woojin Oh - Alto Sax, Shawn Rieke - Baritone Sax, Paige Kibbler - French Horn, Marc Edler – Trombone,
Tyler Walls - Euphonium

Jazz Band

Marc Edler – Trombone, Sam Veren - Trumpet


Emily Chung – Soprano I, Chelsea de Lara – Soprano I, Grace Ferolo – Soprano I, Becca Silbar – Soprano II, Isabel Patt – Alto I, Mona Sturino – Alto I, Allison Tran – Alto I, Annie Rumzis – Alto II, Brandon Cohen – Tenor II, Shawn Rieke – Tenor II, Bobby Knier – Bass I, Hayden Moffat – Bass I, Krystian Palmero – Bass I, David White – Bass I, Michael Ley – Bass II

— Community High School District 128 provided this information.


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