Record Number of D70 Teams Make Destination Imagination State Meet

The schools are sending nine DI teams to the state competition next month.

The following is from District 70:

         A record number of Libertyville Elementary District 70 teams involved in an international problem-solving program, Destination Imagination, will compete on the state level next month.   

         Destination Imagination challenges students in problem solving techniques. This year, students from Adler Park, Butterfield, Copeland Manor, Rockland and Highland Middle made up 21 separate DI teams to compete in the regional competition held March 1 at Frederick Middle School in Grayslake, Il. Almost half of the District 70 teams placed in the top four slots and will now compete on the state level.

         The sponsors for all the District 70 teams this year are teachers Julie Jermakowicz, Kristen Morden, Karen McLean, Megan Russell, Danya Sundh, and Ashley Zeinz.

         The following teams will compete on the state level on April 12 at Illinois State University:

·      Being awarded first place on the Middle School level for the Dig In challenge was the Highland Middle School team, “Wait, how do you say that?” In the challenge, the team has to design and build equipment to detect objects in their hiding places while presenting a story about a technology that detects things a human cannot sense without help. The team also was awarded The Renaissance Award-Team Award for outstanding design, engineering or performance. Judges said, “Superior knowledge of electrical XX and YY allowed this team to fully XX the ZZ. It’s clear this team really dug into the challenge.” Members of the team are Elias Anderson, Alex Dikelsky, Jacob Dikelsky, Matthew Olsen, Adam Sparks, and Jordan Erdal. The Team Manager is Greg Sparks. 

·      Placing second in the Dig In challenge and going was “Do You Want Cream Cheese With That Bagel?’ of Adler Park School. Members of the team are Eric Sparks, Chase Houser, Ryan Tanzer, Ceclia McDermott-Hinman, Dylan McDonald, and Lily Ervine. The Team Manager is Greg Sparks.

·      Placing fourth in the Going to Extremeschallenge was U.F.A. Inc./Unusually Funny Athletes Inc. of Butterfield School. In the challenge, the team explores an extreme environment that exists, telling a story how characters adapt to survive in special gear they designed and created. The team also was awarded the Spirit of Discovery & Imagination Award –Spirit of DI-Team Award for exceptional spirit, teamwork, volunteerism, and sportsmanship. Judges wrote the team was “able to overcome a challenging obstacle (sick teammate) and created a beautiful, fluid presentation. Wonderful energy, despite being the last group of the day. They made it fun to watch!” Team members included Cole Collins, Ellie George, Bobby Kallieris, Tyler Kelly, Sally Grace Rogers, Kate Shanahan and C J Zaslavsky. The team manager is Kelley Collins.

·      Placing third in the Laugh Art Loud challenge was Butterfield School’s Five for One team, the only District 70 team to compete in this challenge. The team challenge is to present a theatrical comic strip created by real artists while also showing off a Caption Contraption they created for one of the comic strip panels. The team also was awarded the DaVinci Award-Team Award for outstanding creativity. The judges wrote, “This team showed originality in their portrayal of a comic strip. Their skit showed the characters feelings in a very realistic way.” Team members include Nadia Lausch, Abby Gordon, Kate Hopkins, Maddy Tepper, and Ryan McGreory. The team manager is Saba Lausch.

·      In the Pandemonium challenge, Rockland School’s Revenge of the Monkicorns took first place. In the challenge the presentation shows how characters work to deal with pandemonium during a certain time period, use stage makeup to develop one skit character and have a five-minute improvisational skit. Team members include Kara Cannon, Kenzie Shutts, Sarah Rosten, Briana Rojas, Kylie Miller, Jamie Nicholson, and Madeline Michelotti. The team manager is Barb Cannon.

·      In the Tension Builds challenge, Copeland Manor team “Team T.E.A.M.” took first place with team members Grant Giardina, Liam Gaiden, Nathanael Herman, George Huber, Grant Keriazakos, Jonathan Ciullo and Sean Paden. Team managers are Traci Keriazakos, Stacie Herman and Jean Giardina. In the challenge, the team built a structure that is tested against two forces, design and assemble a prop during the presentation, and also created a story where tension is a threat to stability.

·      Coming in next was second place Creative Cougies from Copeland Manor School. Team members are Charlie Farrington, Bronson Mitran, Dermott Carroll, Brandon Gautsch and Brady Wells. The team manager is Michelle Gautsch.         

·      In fourth place was Unpoppable Popcorn from Butterfield School with team members Julian Timm, Jake Berlowski, Josh King, Delaney Rogers, Maeve Devaney and Kira Rudersdorf. The team managers were Eileen and Dan Timm.

·      For the Pitch & Play challenge, Copeland Manor’s Beamers team took first place with team members Katherine Thomey, Greta Schultz, Grace Dillon and Megan Post. The team managers are Tom Thomey and Kurt Schultz. In the service learning challenge, the team designs and carries out a project that addresses a real community need, playing to meet the project goal and using a team-created elevator pitch to enlist help.

Other teams that competed on the regional level and will not advance to state include:

Dig In Challenge:

·      Placing fourth in the challenge was “Return of the World Cup” of Butterfield School. Team members included John Palmer, Adam Buier, John Tomasselo, Samuel Lam and Peter Chalifoux. The team manager was George Palmer.

·      On the Middle School level, the Highland Middle School team “Flaming Yellow Jackets” placed fourth. Team members included Matthew Schickler, Jack Nicholson, and Devon Hamiliton. The team managers were Mike Schickler and Victoria Nicholson.


Going to Extremes Challenge:

·      Placing sixth was the Bodacious Bacon Busses of Butterfield School. Team members included Gavin Buier, Sam Otto, James Preusker, Kara Hogan and Rowan Hornsey.  The team manager was Buier.

·      Coming in 12th place was Problem Solvers from Butterfield School. Team members included Katie Carlson, Zach Paulsen, Ethan Kendall and Joey Carlucci. The team managers were Michelle Paulsen and Donna Carlson.

·      Following right behind in 13th place was The Challengers from Adler Park School. Team members included Ethan McCarthy, Eli Irizi, Frida Montano, Chad Matulenko, Cole Matulenko with Team Manager Erin Herrera–Irizi.

Pandemonium Challenge:        

·      The Singing and Dancing Gummy Bears of Butterfield School took ninth place with team members Sophie Chalifoux, Cami Seiler, and Margaret Lothspeich. The team manager was Ken Chalifoux.

·      On the Middle School level, Highland Middle School’s team, Deathly Hallows, took eighth place. Team members included Abigail Cima, Annika Bjorklund, and Cassidy Jones. The team manager was Eric Cima.

Tension Builds Challenge:        

·      The Pizza Football Minion Kings from Copeland Manor School took ninth place with team members Sean Keating, Jake Gimbert, Spencer Bersh, Santino Bernardi, Aidan Levins and Oliver Scanio. The team manager was Stephanie Bersch.

·      The Astro Ducks from Adler Park School took tenth place with team members Cody Klocke, Aaron Leverson, Zohair Khan and William Du. The Team Manager was Julie Leverson.

·      Copeland Manor’s Big Best buddy Builders team took 11th place with team members Everett Kehe, Jack Keating, Kevin Rattin and Giovani Bernardi. The team manager was Jennifer Bernardi.

·      Rockland’s Escape’ team took 13th place with team members Tabi Flynn, Kate Gerber, Jessica Jin, Cristina Ding and Ellie Kuntz. The team manager was Heather Flynn.

·      The Alder Park School’s team, Fire Flames, tired for fourteenth place with team members Adam Rittner, Zach Henderson, Boyd Hunt, Peter Erikson, Jack Oswald, Gavin Salsbury and Calvin McFalls. The Team Managers were Tara Rittner and Mary Henderson.

          Several “rising star” teams were formed at the schools as a way to introduce younger students, including those in kindergarten, to Destination Imagination. Those teams perform but do not compete and are not judged.

         State winners go on to compete in the global competition.


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