Students Learn About Bug Candy, Hobbies at Exploration Day

Copeland Manor School held its annual Exploration Day May 11.

Make your own bug-infused candy, design your own Zen garden, build a birdhouse, play a game of cricket, learn how to be an auctioneer, learn the Haka war dance, or make some pop art were just some of the options on May 11 at Exploration Day.

The Libertyville school held its seventh Exploration Day so that students could learn about careers, crafts, hobbies and sports skills. This year's theme was "Cougie World Tour." Cougie is the name of the schools cougar mascot.

During the day, students attended four classes where they were taught anything from lacrosse to making clay pots, to living in Argentina, learning about farming or serving in World War II, to learning all about chewing gum. Students also could make a piece of pottery, cook a chicken dinner, build a model boat, learn about architecture or make some bug-infused candy.

“This unique event offers students the opportunity to participate in novel and interactive presentations,” said parent and event coordinator Angela Eads. “More than 30 community members, vendors and skilled parents share a wide variety of careers, hobbies and special interests.”

The one-hour classes ran from 9:15 to 11:15 a.m. and from 12:15 to 2:15 p.m.

“Exploration Day encourages students to learn about various interests,” said Principal Erik Youngman. “The success of this event takes a community committed to the education of their children.”

The parent-run event, the largest of its kind in the district, is an easy sell to students.

“When choosing their classes, students are encouraged to explore a unique interest or to learn about something completely new,” Eads said. “This is a fun and empowering opportunity for the kids. Our presenters, then, have the advantage of working with motivated, interested students. These presenters donate generous amounts of time, supplies and expertise. Without them, this event would not be possible."

Robin Kollman is the District 70 spokeswoman.


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