State Poster Winner Fan of Picasso

Libertyville fifth-grader Reese Dannenfeldt recently won first place in the Illinois Arts Education Poster Contest. She shares her art inspiration with Patch.

A painting by fifth-grader Reese Dannenfeldt has won the first place award in the Illinois Arts Education Poster Contest in downstate Springfield.

Dannenfeldt’s artwork will be turned into a poster to be displayed throughout the state in all public and private schools during Illinois Arts Education Week, which runs from March12-18. fourth-grader Eli McEwan won an honorable mention for his artwork.

The theme this year was Be Art Smart.

“This is great news, I’m giddy over it,” said art teacher Cindi Sartain, who selected and submitted the student artwork.

“Talk about shooting for the stars! Seemed like a bit of a long shot knowing how many school children in Illinois might have tried this but Reese had a great piece and we were both really excited about it so I am not surprised it won. The magic words that were repeated over and over to guide the students through this was “Keep big, simple, easy to see but interesting.”

The artwork needed to include images representing visual arts, music, drama and dance, Sartain said. The piece also was reworked over a period of time.

“Not being done with a piece of work so easily or quickly is key. Being able to re-think or cut and paste keeping the parts you like and getting rid of the parts that don't work shows good problem solving and perseverance! Art is such a great venue to practice that," Sartain said.

Students participating in the event will receive recognition and be presented with a certificate at the IAAE Awards Ceremony on March 15 at the Governor’s Mansion in Springfield. Reese also will have a framed poster of her painting hung in the ISBE Springfield office. She also will receive a Resolution from the State Board of Education and a copy of the Governor’s Proclamation declaring March 12-18, 2012, as Illinois Arts Education Week.

Reese says she "feels and sees" her artwork in her mind before she even begins to draw it.

Other District 70 student artwork entered in the contest was created by Mark Plunkett, Lillie Zahn, Eloisa Rego, Hayden Friese, Jack McDonald, Kate Michuda and Ethan Chen.

Information provided by Libertyville Elementary School District 70.


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