Libertyville Fitness Company is Training Center for LHS Football

Ben Wellenbach and his team at Be Well Fitness have set up a fitness program for the LHS football team.

Be Well Fitness is located in Libertyville.
Be Well Fitness is located in Libertyville.
The start of Libertyville High School's football season may still be months away, but that doesn't mean the members of the football team are just relaxing.

The team has already started preparing for the next season with the help of Ben Wellenbach and his Libertyville company, Be Well Fitness. Be Well is the LHS football team's training center this year.

"We started in the beginning of December with baseline testing, followed up by two more rounds of testing before the end of school," said Wellenbach. "We had about 20 weeks before summer when we started."

Wellenbach said he donated his time to the team several years ago and taught the players proper technique and various lifts. 

"Basically, I was willing to help with whatever they needed," said Wellenbach. "Being a former college athlete, I just loved being around that atmosphere again."

At that time, he met Mike Jones, who is now the head coach, and stayed in touch with him over the years. Jones contacted Wellenbach and asked for his help.

"Their training program will be a well-rounded approach encompassing flexibility and mobility, power development, core pillar work, quality of movement, strength development, and various levels of speed and conditioning work," said Wellenbach of the plan he devised for the LHS football team. "These programs are based on the latest research and development in the field of strength and conditioning. They will help them move better. If they can move better, they can move more often and more efficiently. If they can do that, they can outlast and out perform their opponents.

"The programs are only as good as the people performing them," said Wellenbach. "There is credit that is due to the coaching team and the boys themselves. Both have embraced this new programming and are committed to making a difference in the football program."

Wellenbach said having his company chosen as the team's training center "is the highest honor for me and my team.

"It is exactly like when a parent entrusts me with their child for training," said Wellenbach. "I do not take it lightly and I have deep gratitude for the opportunity."


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