Bob Lee in Good Spirits as Ride for 3 Reasons Begins

The 70-year-old is bicycling from Vancouver to Tijuana to fundraise for ALS Les Turner Foundation, American Cancer Society and Hospice Care.

Bob Lee’s third is now underway. The 70-year-old humanitarian took off cycling in Vancouver, Canada Thursday, and is in good spirits as his journey begins.

Barrington Patch caught up with Lee Thursday afternoon as he took a break from the bike to eat some blackberries and chat with us on the phone.

“It’s been very good,” he said. “I’ve met some nice people … that’s what it’s about is meeting the people as you go along.”

Lee is riding more than 2,000 miles from Vancouver to Tijuana, Mexico to raise money for the American Cancer Society, ALS Les Turner Foundation and Hospice Care. To date, he’s raised more than $500,000 for the cause, and hopes to bring in $1 million by the year’s end.

This is Lee’s third Ride for 3 Reasons. He completed two others in 2001 and 2007. By the end of this RIDE, he will have cycled around the entire perimeter of the United States, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity.

Lee’s RIDE has gained International attention. He was hoping to ride alongside the Mayor of Vancouver on Thursday, but the event fell through.

“I was hoping to have the mayor come out, and it wasn’t until late yesterday afternoon that they confirmed he couldn’t fit it into his schedule,” Lee said. “He did Tweet about me, and the Vancouver Sun had an article a couple of days ago.”

Lee is riding solo without any hard guidelines about how far he will go each day. He said the distance he rides is mostly determined by where he can find a bed to sleep in for the night.

“This isn’t about a bike ride, this is about people that have struggled in different ways, or have been in Hospice and have received angelic services,” Lee said.

Lee invites everyone who has been touched by ALS, Cancer or Hospice Care to write on the Impact Wall of www.3reasons.org. To catch up with Lee on his ride, check out his blog, which he updates daily. Donations are being accepted at 3reasons.org. 


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