Hi! My name's Jess and I'm a high school student at Libertyville. I have 3 brothers, a dog, and a few absolutely amazing best friends.
Through Confections of a High School Baker I hope to pass my love of sweets on to you. I plan to post some of my favorite recipes, flops, and culinary experiences. Every few weeks I'd also like to sample a few new desserts at a local restaurant and try to replicate and even re-create my favorites. (Any ideas for restaurants/specific desserts email me at dawson95jess@aol.com ) Also, I intern for Gale Gand and work at Elawa Farms, a farmer's market in Lake Forest. Drop by to try some of the things we've made, or even just to to say hi! Feel free to comment. I love hearing from you. Whether you tried the recipe, are going to, you have a question, or the recipe just looks good. Everything's welcome! Thanks for reading, Stay Sweet, Jess : )
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